How Social Gaming Drives Real Money Casino Growth


Social casinos welcome players from all over the world. The requirements for these games are so few that the most important thing is to download an app. Then you can have unlimited fun playing your favourite casino games. Before deciding if they influence the casino online real money industry, let us define the main peculiarities of social casinos.

Available to Everyone

If you have a mobile device and stable internet access, you can play social casino games. Apps are unregulated, which means they can accept almost everyone. Their only requirement is to keep kids out, especially those who aren’t old enough to be on Facebook.

Lots of Casinos to Choose from

There is a social casino for everyone. They provide different games. Some only offer slots. Others are more inclusive and provide slot machines and card games. For example, you can join a site that offers blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot machines.

Easy Access

Do you have Facebook? At some social casinos, an FB account is all you need to play hundreds of slots and card games. Of course, social media is not a requirement. Dozens of social apps don’t request login details. Instead, you only need to install the app, and then you can play any games you like. 

They are Free

Compared to real money casino online sites, the best thing about social casino games is that they are free. You get free betting coins from the apps. And you supplement your budget by playing frequently. What’s more, the apps give you more coins every day when you log into your account. You will never run out of coins to bet on social media apps. While casino real money sites are different in this respect. You can get some free spins to play slots or $10 for a few rounds of poker.

But in many cases, the only way to place a bet is to spend real money. You don’t always need a lot of money to play casino real money online games. But a certain deposit is still required.

What About Online Casino Real Money Sites?

A regular casino for real money also has its advantages. Winning real money comes first. They also have more games, sometimes higher quality games. And the influence of social casinos cannot be underestimated. Thanks to them, players have a possibility to:

  • Understand the rules of the most popular casino games;
  • Practice without losing the money and hone the skills;
  • Get to know the specifics of the industry.

After gaining some experience in social casinos, a player is ready to make real-money deposits and bets. To ensure that winnings are possible on a chosen virtual casino site, you just need to choose the best online real money casino platform.

All in all, the connection between free and real-money gambling platforms helps both these types of casinos co-exist. They help each other to become more popular among players. So, why not try?