Top 5 Casino Games Giving the Best Odds of Winning


Online casino fans can’t wait to sit in front of the screen to have fun and enjoy their favourite games. But it would be desirable to win a little thanks to real money casino games.

What does Winning in an Online Game Mean?

Online casino games for real money almost always guarantee a percentage of the mathematical house edge, so they are by their nature not very accessible to players. What does it mean? When it comes to purely mathematical questions, many gamblers predict in the long run that the dealer will make almost a certain profit, a guaranteed percentage of the bets. The rest is returned to the treasury of the real money casino games online players, more or less fortunate, depending on the case.

5 Games with the Best Chance of Winning

Blackjack is a special game in some ways because we all know that with card counting, a practice that land-based casinos have strongly opposed in the past, it is possible to turn it into a game of skills. There is even talk of a player’s profitability above 100% So, you understand that the profitability of the casino will be less than 100%

There is also good news for fans of roulette, one of the most popular casino games for real money. In roulette, the mathematical percentage of the house edge is approximately 100% This is inevitable, given that there is an unavoidable zero (sometimes double) to ruin the scores of what might otherwise be a game without any advantage. The calculations are simple. All this means that the percentage of return payments exceeds 100% . So, the odds at roulette among other online casino games real money games are fantastic.

Slots are simple games suitable for everyone, with RPTs usually above 100% . It is difficult to say something more precise because each slot really has its own characteristics. If you’re curious about the exact RPT of one of these games, look for more details of a particular slot you are interested in playing in.

Progressive slots should be mentioned separately. Even though the chances to win are not too high, it is necessary to remember that progressive jackpot slots will change the life of a lucky winner because the amount of the jackpot has at least several million dollars.

And finally, poker, it is even better to mention live dealer poker because it is one of the casino games real money options where players can influence the outcome of the game by using their strategies and skills.

All in all, the above five games are not only the ones where players have the biggest chances to win, but they are also the most popular games. And it is clearly logical why players are fond of them.