Welcome and Deposit Online Casino Bonuses: How Do They Work?


If you have never played at any of the online casinos, there is a world full of pleasant surprises waiting ahead. Getting to the site of an online casino, players in one way or another face bonuses. But not everyone understands what they are and how to use them profitably. Let us explain.

You cannot immediately withdraw bonuses earned by you in a win real money online casino if you have not played with them. Online casinos require players to wager bonuses before withdrawing them, in other words, players have to comply with the wagering requirements. Each casino specifies its own requirements for how much players need to wager the bonus (25x, 50x, etc.).

Every casino win real money bonus must meet certain conditions for the prize to be paid out. Why is that? It’s simple. If gambling establishments allowed players to immediately withdraw the bonus money, they would simply go broke, because most of the players would not risk it. So, everyone is given a chance and the player either loses the bonus funds and, in fact, does not lose anything, or he/she is lucky and, having added one’s own bets, remains in the black. 

First Deposit Bonus

If the casino bonus is not related to your bet, you can play with your bet at will. If you win, you can cancel the bonus and withdraw your winnings. But if you manage to lose your capital, the bonus could be your second chance. Before you decide to take advantage of all the bonuses offered by a casino online win real money, keep in mind a very important thing — whether the bonus is related to your deposit or not.

What to look for when using online casino bonuses? Here are some essential points:


  • The maximum deposit for wagering is usually 10-20% of the bonus amount.
  • Selected games. Check if the terms apply to your favourite game.
  • Doubling is usually prohibited.
  • A sudden change of strategy. This is when you start with high stakes to lose your bonus or get a high win. Then you change the strategy, place much smaller bets to slowly spend the remaining bonus. You will lose only a more acceptable part of the won amount.

Bonuses are a great thing that belongs to the world of online casinos and slots and can be of great benefit to you. However, remember to play with discipline and keep your emotions under control. There is always something to do in a casino, both to make some money or just to relax, spinning any slots in free mode.